Rich Deming

◼︎ CEO & Co-Founder East Energy Renewables
◼︎ Biography

Rich Deming is the CEO and co-founder of East Energy Renewables—an independent power producer which has funded $110M to build, own and operate clean energy facilities. Rich has worked as an energy policy adviser in Washington, DC and as consultant to 100+ companies and governments for energy project funding and management. His project development career has heavily centered on the complex stakeholder management required for private/public partnerships. Starting with early carbon credit-driven projects and co-founding a credit brokerage in 2012, Rich has deep experience using external-cost financial incentives to lever private investment into clean energy. Increasingly alarmed by unmet climate deadlines, Rich volunteered to work toward GCR goals as he transitions to a policy-oriented phase of his career and relocates half-time to Portugal. Rich advises GCR on development and strategy, especially in relation to funding, locating a site for, and pressing forward with the GCR Demonstration Project. Rich is an avid Mediterranean sailor and US Coast Guard Captain and is particularly interested in the reduction of carbon in marine applications and the striking effect of climate change on the sea.

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