2024 Climate Shift

Call for Policy Reviews & Partnering

Discover the groundbreaking ‘Carrot & Stick Carbon Pricing’ approach in our latest paper, ‘Rethinking Economics for Rapid Global Decarbonisation,’ and join us in pioneering a scalable economic solution to the climate crisis.

Please note that the policy paper is updated periodically.

Review Instructions


Thank you for taking an interest in the Global Carbon Reward policy.

Please consider:
● reading the abstract to our policy paper (above)
● downloading and reading the introduction to our policy paper (below)
● downloading and reading our submission to the UNFCCC Sharm el-Sheikh dialogue 2024-2025 (below).
The completed (draft) policy paper will be provided to reviewers for feedback from June 2024 onwards.

How to become a reviewer?

We are seeking organisations to review the draft policy and explore partnership opportunities.

● Please email your requests, questions and meeting requests to: info@globalcarbonreward.org
● Alternatively, use the online partnering form provided.

Download Instructions

● Click the download button (see below).
● Read and check the conditions.
● Enter your name and email address.
● Follow the instructions.

GCR Policy Paper Introduction (Download)

UNFCCC Sharm el-Sheikh Dialogue 2024-25 (Download)