Bookings for Dr Delton Chen

The calendar and booking form provided below are to help you request bookings with Delton Chen for meetings, webinars, presentations, interviews, etc. Actual bookings are not automated, and the planning and confirmation of bookings are managed by email and telephone.

1Select a city from the list below to display the booking calendar for that timezone, and then click on the ‘week’ tab to see the available times on an hourly basis.

Select a Calendar to Display Availability

These calendars do not accept bookings. Please go to Step 3 to make a booking.

The above calendars contain the same data but are adjusted to different timezones.

Dr. Delton Chen is based in Brisbane, Australia.

2If there is no calendar in the list that matches your particular timezone, then you will need to manually check the available dates and times for your city/timezone. For example, you could refer to the calendar for Reyjkavik which is located on Greenwich Mean Time (i.e. UTC). The current date and time in Reyjkavik is

If you are having trouble with timezone conversions, then try using the World Clock Meeting Planner to compare the date and start/end times for your city/timezone with one of the calendars from the above list (refer Step 1).

3Please enter your information into the booking request form below. Provide a detailed description of your request in the comment box, and allow three working days for a response. Certain bookings carry an administrative fee.

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