Our mission is to demonstrate and advocate a regenerative financial system that can achieve a safe climate while promoting ecological health, community wellbeing, and energy reliability.

Our mission is to complete the following tasks:

  • Establish demonstrations
  • Manage operations
  • Advocate the policy
  • Propose a multilateral governance architecture


The main focus of our mission is to develop demonstrations of the Global Carbon Reward (GCR). Demonstrations are likely to be the most effective way to communicate how the policy works and the potential benefits of the policy. The demonstrations will showcase a variety of low-carbon technologies, and they will involve public-private partnerships (i.e. between governments, banks, and businesses). The demonstrations will explain how governments can fund climate action without direct taxation, and how international and private conflict over cost sharing can be neutralised with a new global market for climate mitigation services. The demonstrations will present a new kind of stakeholder consensus based on the ranking and scoring of outcomes, and providing financial incentives for providing better outcomes for people and planet.


Our operational tasks include finding private and public partners to support demonstrations of the policy. Our operational tasks also include documenting the policy and the demonstrations for films, social media and conference presentations.


Our mission is to explain and advocate the GCR policy. This will involve explaining how the policy can finance effective climate mitigation (macro-economically) while also addressing local social and ecological issues (micro-economically).


Our mission is to propose a multilateral treaty and governance architecture for the GCR policy. The GCR offers a new kind of multilateralism that is grounded in the preventative insurance principle, which is complementary to the polluter pays principle.
Updated 13 May 2022