Bank of England

Global Carbon Reward: International Policy for a New Carbon Asset

Bank of England
Threadneedle St, London, UK
Hybrid Policy & Research. In person and virtual presentation.

2:30 pm (GMT), 16 November, 2023

A new international climate mitigation policy, called a Global Carbon Reward (GCR), is described. The GCR is a mitigate-and-trade policy that employs a new type of carbon asset, referred to as a carbon currency (XCC). The overall objective of the policy is to proactively manage the systemic risk associated with anthropogenic greenhouse gases. The policy includes a financial mechanism and rulebook for managing the XCC’s supply and demand. The policy also includes a new mandate for central banks and a new strategic quantitative easing program, called “carbon quantitative easing”. The policy’s operational objectives are to improve economic cooperation for removing atmospheric carbon and achieving a rapid, yet orderly, decarbonization of energy sources, industries, and households. Additionally, it aims to incentivize co-benefits for communities and ecosystems.

Dr. Delton Chen

Project Director & Founder
Australian civil engineer who coined the term “carbon quantitative easing”.

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