GCR Presented at COP28 Side Events

Dubai, UAE | 30 Nov to 12 Dec, 2023

Welcome to the forefront of climate change economics, where you can view three COP28 presentations revealing the transformative potential of the Global Carbon Reward (GCR) policy.

The groundbreaking GCR policy is both timely and pivotal by directly addressing the roadmap outlined at COP28 in Dubai, which calls for a “transition away from fossil fuels.”

While COP28 signifies a significant milestone in international climate negotiations, it falls short of a complete “phaseout” of oil, coal, and gas. A critical flaw in the COP28 roadmap is the absence of a scalable financial mechanism for the required clean energy transition and removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

Antonio Guaterres, Secretary-General of the U.N.

The GCR stands as a beacon of hope by introducing a novel financial incentive system dedicated to rewarding mitigated carbon. As a system-changing initiative, the GCR aims to revolutionize climate finance by intertwining carbon mitigation with new mandates for central banks. The GCR avoids the problematic practice of carbon off-setting. Additionally, the GCR is crafted to foster healthy ecosystems, vibrant communities, and reliable clean energy.

Through the creation of a globally managed carbon reward market, devoid of offsetting, the GCR policy will assert control over the anthropogenic carbon balance, thereby mitigating the dangers of highly destructive climate change. Join us in exploring this transformative climate policy that addresses the shortcomings of the COP28 roadmap.

UAE Green Zone Pavilion

GCR Video Gallery

The following three presentations explain how the Global Carbon Reward will address the climate finance gap and forge a sustainable pathway. For more information, consult the GCR website or contact us at info@globalcarbonreward.org

UNCC Global Innovation Hub — 10 Minute Presentation & Slide Deck

Bhutan Pavilion — 10 Minute Interview

Bhutan Pavilion — 1 Hour Discussion with Q&A

Bhutan Pavilion

The Bhutan Pavilion generously provided the GCR project with access to COP28, including a speaking opportunity and interview for Delton Chen.

Photo Gallery

Bhutan Pavilion & Some Visitors (see name badges in photos)