Climate Change Economics and Uncertainty


Webinar #1

Karnataka, India, 6PM-8PM (IST) 20 March, 2021

Addressing the Paris Climate Agreement with a Carbon Currency

In this webinar Dr. Delton Chen talks about wet bulb temperature, the novel by Kim Stanley Robinson, and climate-related heat stress in Southern Asia. Dr. Chen also describes the carbon currency and the Global Carbon Reward policy for rebuilding the global economy to address the Paris Climate Agreement.


Lluis Torrent
Expert in Climate Change | M&E Consultant | Environmental Comms & Engagement Specialist

Climate change commitments with reference to finance, energy, NDCs, SDGs and climate action.


Joel van der Beek
Chief Economist at EconoVision | Director Europe at EconoLytics | Board Member at Economists for Peace and Security

Background to the Global Carbon Reward initiative and the “carbon currency”.


Dr Delton Chen
Founder or the Global Carbon Reward | Climate Mitigation Consultant | Virtual Facilitator

Addressing the Paris Climate Agreement with a “carbon currency”, and wet-bulb temperature and heatwaves.


Prof. Raphael Heffron
Professor in Global Energy Law & Sustainability | Jean Monnet Professor in the Just Transition | Senior Counsel

Exploring the role of policy and taxation in the transitioning to alternative energy systems and humanising the global energy transition.

Dr. Delton Chen

Global Carbon Reward
Civil Engineer & Geohydrologist
Thought Leader in Climate Policy with CBDCs

Slide deck for the presentation.

Key references for the policy are found here.

Joël van der Beek

Chief Economist, EconoVision, EconoLytics
Over 20 years experience in economics and finance research. Economists for Peace and Security.

Slide deck for the presentation.