Bard College, 2023

Why “Carbon Rewards” Should be Adopted to Resolve the Climate Crisis

Bard College, New York
MBA Sustainability, Residency Weekend
October 7, 2023

Australian researcher, Dr. Delton Chen, describes a new economic theory (a market hypothesis) and climate policy that was recently presented in a fictional novel, “The Ministry for the Future”. Dr Chen argues that a new market tool, called a “carbon currency”, can be backed by central banks and used to finance the decarbonisation of the world economy at speed-and-scale. Dr Chen also presents a theory for triggering a major improvement in cooperation and resolving the market failure. The new policy is called a “carbon reward”, and it include a mechanism for helping to regenerate ecosystems and communities. This presentation was given to the Bard students in the MBA Sustainability course during the residency weekend, 6-8 October, 2023. Listen to the Q&A session below, as a separate audio file.

Janice Shade

Adjunct Professor, Finance & Accounting, Bard College

Janice Shade is a systems entrepreneur, financial innovator, and author; and she is interested in capital markets, impact investing, community capital, entrepreneurship, and regenerative economics.

Speaker & Presenter
Delton Chen

Project Director & Founder
Global Carbon Reward

Dr Delton Chern is a civil engineer, geo-hydrologist, and thought leader in public policies that use new digital currencies. Originator of the “carbon currency”, as appears in the novel, “The Ministry for the Future”.

Questions & Answers