Sino-European Webinar
Friday, 11 March 2022

A Scalable Climate Finance Solution for Achieving the 1.5-2ºC Goal of the Paris Agreement

GCR Webinar #4


The topic of this webinar is a new climate finance solution for achieving the 1.5-2.0°C goal of the Paris Climate Agreement. The financial solution is an unconventional market-based policy, called a Global Carbon Reward (GCR). The GCR is designed to bridge the climate finance gap with the support of central banks and a new monetary policy. Two expert discussants comment on the climate finance solution.

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Mr. Mike Cao

Positive impact investor, 3060 carbon peak and carbon neutrality researcher, and speaker and thought-leader for the Ecological Civilization Special District initiative


Dr. Delton Chen

Civil engineer, climate mitigation consultant, and speaker and thought-leader for new public policies based on CBDCs and distributed ledgers


Veronica Caraman

Financial Compliance Specialist — Deutsche Bank

Veronica holds a degree in Economics from the University of London, and she works for Deutsche Bank at their Frankfurt office. Veronica speaks seven European languages.

Discussant 1

Drs. Rens van Tilburg

With his colleagues at the academic think tank SFL—Rens is developing policy for climate risk, financial supervision, central bank digital currencies, and he is exploring the impact of monetary policy on climate change and biodiversity.

Discussant 2

Dr. Yifeng Tian

Blockchain-enabled sustainable finance consultant; and thought-leader and innovator for green infrastructure development based on asset tokenization and securitization.

Successfully meeting carbon neutrality targets will require huge amounts of money. At least 80% of this funding must come from the private sector between now and 100 years into the future. In other words, only a public-private partnership structure will succeed. The current level of private sector investment is not encouraging. I am pessimistic about meeting the 1.5 or 2ºC target. Thus, I am investing in the research and development of holistic solutions.

— Mr. Mike Cao
17 January 2022

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00:08:50     Start Main Presentation
00:09:36      Topics
00:10:00      1. Climate Crisis
00:14:24      2. Policy Type
00:17:56      3. Policy Justification
00:23:26      4. New Scalable Finance
00:32:14      5. Financial Mechanism
00:37:09      6. Central Bank Mandates
00:43:48      7. Sustainability & Fairness

Start of Panel Discussion

Shortcut — Mike Cao

Discussant 1

Shortcut — Rens van Tilburg

Sustainable Finance Lab
Financing developing countries
Investing in clean infrastructure
Euro-crisis analogy
Central bank powers

Discussant 2

Shortcut — Yifeng Tiang

University Florida research
The climate finance gap
Mobilising private finance
Public sector responsibility
Public-private coordination

Discussant 1

Shortcut — Rens van Tilburg

Synergy of carrots and sticks
IMF Special Drawing Rights
IMF Sustainability Trust
COP26 and carbon markets
GCR floor price impacts?
Response to asset price changes?

Discussant 2

Shortcut — Yifeng Tiang

Blockchain research
Green infrastructure finance
Retail investors and tokens
Security and utility tokens
Recording ESG impacts
Liquidity and decentralised markets

Public Q&A


Should the carbon currency be recorded and delivered on a blockchain?