Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Redefining Climate Economics with a Carbon Currency

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Centre for Economic Transformation
HvA Corry Tendeloohuis, Fraijlemaborg 133, 1102 CV Amsterdam

11:00 am (CET), 24 November, 2023

Join Australian researcher, Dr. Delton Chen, as he describes a new economic theory and policy that was presented in the fictional novel “The Ministry for the Future”. Dr. Chen will explain why he believes that neoclassical economics does not properly address systemic risk, and he will explain why central banks are needed to support a new policy for climate mitigation. The presentation will focus on a new market instrument, called a “carbon currency”, which can be used to finance the decarbonization of the world economy in a more rapid and orderly fashion. The carbon currency will be used to finance: (1) the exchange of fossil fuel reserves for clean energy assets, (2) the decarbonization of dirty industries, and (3) removing carbon from the atmosphere. The carbon currency will also be used to (4) support co-benefits for communities and ecosystems. Don’t miss this presentation where you’ll discover how a new financial asset could be used to dissolve social gridlock and correct the market failure in carbon.

Dr. Willem van Winden

Professor of Urban Economic Studies.

Dr. Delton Chen

Project Director & Founder
Dr. Chen founded the Global Carbon Reward (GCR) policy for mitigating greenhouse gases and achieving the main goal of the Paris Climate Agreement. Dr. Chen is a civil engineer with over 15 years of experience in water resource, environmental and energy assessments, and he has worked across disciplines for the past 8 years to develop the GCR policy. He coined the term “carbon quantitative easing”, and he believes that the GCR policy can bridge the social and financial barriers to achieve the main goals of the Paris Agreement.

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Key references for the policy are found here.