2023 IIIEE Alumini Conference
Weaving Solutions for a Better Future

March 28th, 2023

Parts 1 & 2

Part 3


Introducing the Global Carbon Reward: A New Vision for Optimal GrowthSee footnotes

The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics

IIIEE Alumni Conference, Lund University, Sweden (27-29 April 2023)


The IIIEE Alumni Conference is a biannual event gathering alumni for a variety of sessions within the overall theme “weaving solutions for a better future”, and to showcase ideas for solving urgent and complex sustainability challenges.

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  • In February 2024 the term ‘optimal growth’ was replaced with ‘balanced growth in carbon’ for improved clarity.
  • The above video for Parts 1 & 2 has been redacted to remove the parts when the audience spoke or asked questions and this is to protect their privacy. The written questions are not exactly the same as the questions that were asked during the presentation, and this is to improve the clarity of the questions.
Desirée Pettersson

Communications Specialist

Delton Chen, Ph.D.

Founder & Project Director for Global Carbon Reward

Slide Deck