EcoCity World Summit 2023

Towards a Decarbonised Economy

Barbican Centre, London
June 6, 2023

Dr Delton Chen introduces a new development pathway for the world economy, called “optimal growth” [see footnote]. Optimal growth [see footnote] is framed by a new climate policy and carbon currency that aim to trigger a radical shift in cooperation between governments and financial institutions for meeting the Paris climate goals. He is joined by different experts to have a wider conversation about the role of this and other green finance initiatives and policies for climate mitigation and net-zero goals, examining the challenges and opportunities their implementation presents today for governments, society and cities.

Footnote: the term ‘optimal growth’ has been replaced with ‘balanced growth in carbon’ for reasons of clarity (14 Feb 2024)
Carol Lewis

Property Editor, The Times and The Sunday Times

Carol Lewis is the property editor of The Times and The Sunday Times and winner of several awards including Columnist of the Year at the Property Press awards 2022. She has worked at The Times for more than 15 years on business, finance and property.

Speaker & Presenter
Delton Chen

Project Director & Founder
Global Carbon Reward

Dr Delton Chern is a civil engineer, geo-hydrologist, and thought leader in public policies that use new digital currencies. Originator of the “carbon currency”, as appears in the novel, “The Ministry for the Future”.


Catherine McGuinness

Connected Places Catapult, Common Councillor and former Policy and Resources Chair, City of London Corporation
Catherine McGuinness CBE is executive director at Catapult and she works with the City of London Corporation particularly in the fields of education and the arts and open spaces. Professionally she is a specialist in financial law.

Lucy Yu

Connected Places Catapult, CEO Centre for Net Zero, Octopus Energy
Lucy Yu is executive director at Catapult and CEO at Centre for Net Zero, a research unit leading pioneering research to make the future energy system a reality. It was founded by Octopus Energy in 2021. Lucy has nearly two decades of experience building tech ventures and developing tech policy and regulation for the UK government, European Commission, and the UN.