Rich Deming

◼︎ Strategic Advisor
◼︎ Biography

Rich Deming is the CEO and co-founder of East Energy Renewables—an independent power producer with $110M of build-and-operate clean energy facilities. Rich has worked as an energy policy adviser in Washington DC, and as consultant to 100+ companies and government agencies for clean energy projects. His career has centered on developing projects with complex stakeholder issues, and on building private-public partnerships. In 2012, Rich co-founded a carbon credit brokerage; he has deep experience in leveraging investments into clean energy with financial incentives.

Increasingly alarmed by unmet climate deadlines—Rich has joined the GCR initiative as a senior advisor. Rich currently advises the GCR on development, especially in relation to demonstrating the GCR in a proof-of-concept. Rich has ties to Europe and spends an extended period there each year; he has a US Coast Guard Captain license and is an avid Mediterranean sailor, and he is particularly interested in the de-carbonisation of the maritime sector.