Joël van der Beek

◼︎ Advisor & Co-Founder
◼︎ Biography

Joël van der Beek helped establish the Global Carbon Reward Initiative in 2013. Joël studied economics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, specialising in development and international economics. He is founder of EconoVision, an economics consultancy, and co-founder of EconoLytics, a data analyst contracting platform. His expertise is in socio-economic feasibility studies, cost-benefit analyses, public-private partnership, pricing and risk analysis, applied in transport, infrastructure and built environment. Joël has published on various themes: transport and trade policies, planning of national transport infrastructure, economic processes in spatial and town planning, rail infrastructure, maritime economics, UN peacekeeping missions, and pricing of global climate risk. He has worked in more than 30 different countries. has been active in the fields of Economics and Finance research for more than 20 years. Joël is passionate about using economics to benefit mankind and to create a sustainable future. Joël is on the board of Economists for Peace and Security.