Carly Carroll

◼︎ Senior Financial Advisor
◼︎ Biography

While Carly’s background is primarily in finance, she is a strong advocate for climate change. She is an active organizer with local Indigenous-led efforts to protect our communities, land, and waters from the threat of fossil fuel industrial expansion, specifically dedicated to fighting against the expansion of the Mountain Valley Pipeline. She is also treasurer for the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Coalition of North Carolina and a Climate Ambassador with ecoAmerica. She is dedicated to providing hurricane disaster relief and has a strong science background. Carly’s senior thesis focused on the effects of sea level change and reflects her lifetime commitment to protecting our oceans and coastal marshes.

Carly’s experience in finance is focused on fixed-income and leveraged loans. She worked on the trading desk at Farallon Capital Management, L.L.C. (Farallon). Farallon was originally founded by Tom Steyer, and in 2019, and when Mr. Steyer ran for President, Carly worked for his campaign. Mr. Steyer was the only candidate who declared climate change as his number one priority. While working on Mr. Steyer’s campaign, Carly had the opportunity to engage with voters regarding climate policy by moderating town hall events with a panel of experts. Carly was also Treasurer and Compliance Officer for Dr. Crystal Cavalier’s campaign in the 2022 National Congressional race. If Dr. Cavalier had been elected, she would have been the first American Indian woman elected to U.S. Congress. Carly also co-founded a non-profit that promotes bi-partisan voter registration, holds food and clothing drives, and works to educate people on current topics such as COVID vaccines, environmental injustice, and engaging young voters on issues that affect our planet.