Global Carbon Reward — Interview #2

Planetary Regeneration (20 November 2019)

Global Carbon Reward — Webinar #1

Streamed live on 20 March, 2021 Addressing  the Paris Climate Agreement with a Carbon Currency REBUILDING THE GLOBAL ECONOMY - CLIMATE CHANGE ECONOMICS AND UNCERTAINTY In this webinar Dr. Delton Chen talks about wet bulb temperature, the novel by Kim Stanley Robinson, and climate-related heat stress in Southern Asia. Dr. Chen also describes the carbon […]


Global Carbon Reward — Webinar #2

Wood PLC (Brisbane) Level 11, 144 Edward St, Brisbane, QLD

Private Presentation — Brisbane 1 pm (AEST), 20 May 2021 GLOBAL CARBON REWARD: POLICY FOR FUNDING A TIMELY CLEAN ENERGY TRANSITION WOOD PLC, FUTURE ENERGY THOUGHT LEADERSHIP INNOVATION SERIES Delton Chen will introduce the Global Carbon Reward (GCR), which is a newly proposed climate policy. The proposal is to offer a financial reward for mitigated […]

Global Carbon Reward — Webinar #3

ZOOM (Webinar)

New York, 4 pm (EDT), 7 June 2021 Climate Mitigation with a Central Bank Backed Currency: Feasible or Fiction? A NEW FRAMEWORK FOR SCALABLE CLIMATE FINANCE In this webinar a new climate policy will be presented that could attract the support of the Caribbean Region and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) because of its potential […]