Inquiring Systems Inc. (ISI) 501(c)3 

Inquiring Systems Inc. (ISI) is a non-profit organisation based in Sonoma County, California, USA. ISI was founded in 1978, and it is the fiscal sponsor for the Global Carbon Reward (GCR) Project. The GCR Project was founded in 2014, by Dr Delton Chen.

GCR Project Organisation

The daily operations of the GCR Project are overseen by the GCR Management Team. The GCR Project currently involves about 20 people, mostly on a voluntary basis. More people are needed for the:

• GCR Board of Advisors
• GCR Technical Advisory Committee

and for:

• Administrative Support
• Fundraising & Financial Planning

The GCR Project is seeking new strategic partnerships — including with corporates, institutions, and governments (state and federal). These partnerships are needed for:

• Funding and Implementing the Policy Demonstration
• Advocating and Piloting the Policy
• Developing Long-Term Revenue Strategies.


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